5 tips to make friends while traveling

  1. Attending a language course …
    If you are going to spend more than two weeks in a certain country, why not immerse yourself in its culture by starting a language course ? You will have the opportunity to learn some nice expressions useful in daily life: in this way traveling will become even more fun. In addition, fellow students could become travel companions, which in practice would be like winning the superenalotto.

2.… Or another course
Maybe you really like the rabbit specialties of Maltese cuisine so you could decide to learn to cook them yourself by attending a cooking class in Malta. Or you could learn to make a real origami swan in Tokyo: of course there is a course for this too! The opportunity to make new friends with classmates or travel companions, just like going to school, only in this case it will be more fun because you will be abroad.

  • Live with the locals
    Of course, you cannot simply knock on someone’s door and ask them to let you in, invite you to lunch and become your friend. But there are hundreds of opportunities to immerse yourself in a new culture, living according to local habits, from couchsurfing to Airbnb. Living in an apartment or in a house is in fact a great way to start discovering a city, meeting people, neighbors and locals.
  • Volunteer
    Why not do something good for your soul and the local community through volunteering? This experience will not only help you improve the world by returning something to the place where you will be guests, but it will also allow you to immerse yourself in its culture and interact with people who deal with an important cause (and let’s not forget that it is a wonderful way of follow or discover your own passion).
  • Eat and drink
    We all need to eat and drink and choosing the same restaurant or bar is already something we have in common. Just look for someone else who is eating alone. Of course it could be risky because maybe the person in question really wants to eat alone, but nothing prevents you from approaching and saying: “Hi! I see that you are eating alone and I was wondering if I could join you. ” There is nothing to fear: get out of your comfort zone and you could have a very pleasant conversation.