The Outdoor Recreation Party is committed to individual freedom and reduced government intrusion.

The party advocates:

Four wheel driving

• Free access to public land

• No discrimination against 4WD vehicles

• No bull-bar restrictions

National Parks and other public land

• Free access by aircraft, boat, vehicle, bicycle, horse and on foot.

• Active management

• Concurrent mixed uses

• Excise ski fields and place under separate management


• Repeal of marine parks declared since 1995

• Bag and size limits to assist fish stocks

Shooting and hunting

• Repeal unjust and illogical gun laws

• Hunting feral animals in National Parks

• No licence to hunt deer on private land

• Deregulate airsoft and paintball


• Free access to public land

• No tolls, allow lane splitting and create refuge areas at lights

• More designated parking

• Equivalent safety priority to cars

Car enthusiasts

• Speed limits based on the 85th percentile

• No harassment of young drivers or "hoon" laws

• Traffic laws that focus on safety to others, not raising revenue

• Encouragement of amateur motor sports

Hikers, bush walkers, skiers

• Free access to public land

• Allow dogs (under control) into National Parks

• Excise ski-fields from National Parks

• Encouragement, not discouragement


• Repeal bans on land clearing

• A viable, renewable forestry industry

• Keeping native animals as pets

• Smart green, not extreme green

Law and order

• Focus on crimes that have victims

• Policing based on Peel's Principles

• Repeal of anti association legislation

• Respect for civil rights

• Police strictly accountable

On social issues, the Outdoor Recreation Party adopts a classical liberal approach. Some examples:

Liberal principles

• Personal choice and responsibility without government intrusion unless others are harmed

Personal responsibility

• The right of self defence

• Legal assisted suicide

Individuals vs Government

• Property rights take priority over government rights

• An end to the nanny state


• Voluntary voting

• Recall elections

• Sunset clauses on legislation


On economic issue, the Outdoor Recreation Party is similarly liberal. Some examples:


• Reduce income tax and apply a high tax-free threshold

• Reduce company tax

Government services

• No competing with the private sector

Free enterprise

• Reduced regulation

• No corporate welfare